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Adding an electrical outlet in the middle of a run

Watch the video to learn how to add a new outlet to an existing run. Electrical codes restrict the number of lights or electrical outlets that can be connected to one circuit. hang it on the wall with the power cord running down to the baseboard outlet. Using an old work, or remodeling box, allows you to avoid removing To hide them, we’re going to run these wires through the wall and up to a point behind the TV where they will be out of sight, hidden from our view. outlet in the middle of the Living Room. Edit: Be sure to use a nailing plate over the studs where you run the wire so you don't nail into it when you reinstall the baseboard. This project explains how to extend power from an existing wall outlet with Wiremold® surface mount raceway and wire the electrical boxes in this installment of How To Build a Basement Closet. Whether you are looking for answers to 3-way and 4-way switches, dryer plugs, power at switch, power at outlet, or how to wire all these switches, the switch & outlet section will make it all clear. Feed fish tape down hole, attach electrical cable to tape, then pull cable into the room 8. Drill down through outlet box hole and into basement with extended spade bit 7. The ground wires are all brought together under one cap as well. So my question is, are the lighting solutions that I’m not aware of? Battery operated blocks that glow? Tech — Geek upgrade: review and installation of NewerTech Power2U USB outlet After installing, you can charge up to 4 USB devices from just one outlet. ,no back splash. I am going to show you how to install an electrical outlet in the wall behind your new television set. I. There's no need to call an electrician; installing outlets is an easy, low-cost project. $300, including materials, to run an outlet off an existing interior outlet. Code wants you to have 6 inches of wire in the Amps x Volts= Watts Amps x 120 =1500 so that’s 12. I am currently in the middle of adding a ceiling fan with a light to my bedroom and have encountered a similar situation to what you have described above. (Image: electric outlet image by Albert Lozano from Fotolia. Connect the electrical cable to the GFCI outlet in the same manner as you connected the interior outlet. The box I'm going to tap into is a double gang box with 2 outlets in it. retailer and a 1-1/2” hole saw to drill a hole directly through the center of each stud. How to Add Electrical Wiring for a Outlet and Light Switch Electrical Question: How can I put a junction box into the circuit wiring before a light fixture so I can add an outlet light and switch. 5 Amps a typical circuit maxes at 15 amps…So you’re right at the top of the usage of that circuit and should have a dedicated circuit or youre likely to blow a breaker. In this case, you must change the cable from the switch to the light outlet from a 2-wire to a 3-wire cable. You can then run individual circuits off this panel box. Dec 18, 2017 Read how to install your own outdoor outlet. ” This style works well especially if the outlet gets a lot of use. Install receptacle box 21/2" depth send 2 wire inside box and connect them to receptacle then carefully push the Outdoor electrical outlets can be safe and convenient if properly installed. Push back in the wires and screw the new USB outlet into the junction box. You can always call an electrician to come and install an outlet behind the area where I am going to show you how to install an electrical outlet in the wall behind your . I'm thinking of adding a new electrical outlet to a wall that I have access to from behind. The box for the 2nd outlet was removed from the diagram for simplicity reasons. Or you can go with the “Carlon 70108. How to Read These Diagrams. You don’t need to have the outlet in your configuration. In this case, you'll need to add a spur from a ring circuit. Without this protection, a person who touches the water when there is an electrical short present can be seriously injured so always think safety. I've got 14/3 from switch #2 to the light then back to 14/2, but right now when I turn on my power source, switch #1 operates the light correctly GFCI Outlet Installation Installing or replacing a GFCI outlet will cost about the same as putting in a standard receptacle, except for the price of the unit itself. Once you add a receptacle outlet (branch circuit extension), the receptacle must be of the grounding type, and it must have its grounding terminal connected to an equipment grounding conductor of a type recognized in 250. Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) are an important part of your home’s electrical safety. C. Strip the wires and attach them to the wall jack or run them to the device. Run wire through hole. 118, in accordance with 250. Safety precautions  May 9, 2018 Adding a new electrical outlet to an existing run is a straightforward in a Minute: Splicing a new receptacle in the middle of a run is simple. They like it because the rugged clamping system is much more secure than that of cheaper styles. Read about different wiring options, complete with pictorials and schematics. If I want to use lamps I’m going to have to run long unsightly cords. Had the same problem not long ago the inspector allowed the nearest receptacle to be on the side walls almost 3 ft. I think what he meant is you can run a seperate ground The National Electrical Code, although sometimes a little fussy, is the reference book for all sorts of electrical specifications in a typical house. The easiest method is simply tapping into an existing receptacle and adding Adding an Outlet for a TV Electrical Question: How can I install an outlet for my new TV? Can I install the wiring from an existing outlet to a new TV outlet? I just installed a wall mounted TV and now in the process of hiding the wires in the wall. How to Wire an Electrical Outlet Under the Kitchen Sink Electrical Safety. I've hung a permanent box by attaching it to the 2x4 and all that is taken care of. Turn off the power and look into the box to see whether the receptacle is at the start, at the end, or in the middle of a run. If you can, pick an outlet on a circuit with not too much already on it. Not sure I understand your question, butuse the same wires that went to the outlet in that box if replacing it. I want to add an outlet behind my LCD TV so I can hide the wires. My question is in how to wire it. Splice both existing black wires together with the black wire running to the new  Jul 19, 2019- double outlet box wiring diagram in the middle of a run in one box. Cut the wire and add 2 pieces of 1' long to each side of cut (connect by plastic nut and electric tape to secure connection). Here we have an ideal situation—the drywall on one side of the wall has been removed and the wiring is exposed. of 6 inches of wire inside the box, do the same at the Unlike an end-of-run circuit which has only one cable in the junction box, a middle-of-run circuit has at least two cables in its junction box. same two studs as an existing outlet, so you can run an insulated cable from the existing outlet to the new outlet. The goal is to have a 2 gang switch control the light and the fan separately. If you have a detached garage, it usually makes more sense to install a small sub-panel box in the garage fed by a larger double pole breaker. There's a GFCI outlet on the other side of the crapper wall that f I could be wrong. Step 1 - Prepare to Start. By all means stay away from any designated appliance circuits and kitchen outlet circuits. If you have an unfinished basement, you can tap into a junction box in the basement and run the cable out through the rim joist. The safest option when replacing an outlet is to hire a professional. Installing outdoor power outlets isn't as difficult as it sounds. Mount the outlet (receptacle) in the electrical box and install the cover plate. In a situation where the plug may be hanging part way out of the receptacle, which is actually a pretty common thing, the figure 2 installation will expose two “live” conductors to any metallic object dropped across Article about adding electrical outlets to a workbench. Among its many data points are circuit-wiring capacities— the number and type of outlets allowed on a circuit protected by a specific-amperage circuit breaker. While minor electrical changes and repairs may not require a permit, larger projects usually do. The 1st box gets very crowded in this circumstance but I am sure you can still get the concept. Nowadays, lighting usually is on a 15-ampere circuit, and receptacles are on 20-amp circuits. This puppy not only features three AC electrical outlets, but your choice of either two USB or Ethernet (Cat5) outlets, giving you a major connectivity boost without having to run a ton of cables all over the place. Tips: As with all electrical projects, check local codes before doing any electrical work to ensure compliance. Note: If the existing electrical box is too small to accommodate a GFCI outlet, or if the house wiring is aluminum instead of copper, you may need to hire a qualified electrician to do this job. This installation is often bundled with multiple outlet replacements resulting in a lower cost. Oct 28, 2016 For the middle outlets, you can use the two wire positions on each now each box has the tail needed, then add a new section of cable  This page contains diagrams to add a new electrical outlet to an existing circuit. 1. If adding a new outlet, splice your new wire to those wires that go to an existing outlet and run it to the new location. Placing a new electrical outlet can help make a house more livable. The Finishing Guide explains how to terminate the wires (put on the end connectors) after you run them to the outlet. When an outlet falls in the middle of a circuit run rather than at the end, the power source cable will enter the outlet box from one side and exit the other side on its way to serve additional outlets or lights on the circuit. Although what is described and illustrated here is the simplest method of setting up a three-way circuit, you should bone up on the alternatives. Adding a floor outlet does mean full installation of a new electrical Additional holes will need to be cut to access your wiring and run new cable toward the outlet box. Important: Start by turning off the power to the outlet you are working on Inside an Electrical Outlet: A cracked, loose, or (ouch!) shocking electrical receptacle is a candidate for replacement. Jan 24, 2009 How to wire a GFCI outlet, including wiring instructions when adding or The “ hot” wires (the ones that carry the flow of electricity to run your fan) get wet. Most electricians charge between $75 and $150 per hour. Make sure your electrician provides you with an electrical service box that has at least six empty locations for future expansion. However, electrical code requires outlets in areas of the home where water or moisture is present to be GFCI-protected. Cover the neighboring strips with painter’s tape to protect their finish, then run a circular saw lengthwise down the middle of the strip. The two flat blade type slots on the outlet are for the hot and neutral conductors, so both carry lethal power at 120 volts. are not automatically permitted, even if the local home center sells them. If you don’t want your exterior outlet location limited to where you have interior outlets, you’ll have to tap into another electrical circuit. The quickest way to extend power outdoors is to install a receptacle back-to-back with one inside the house. Therefore, depending on the complexity, adding a new electric outlet can range from $100 to $800, with the average cost Electrical Outlet Wiring Instructions for Homeowners & DIY Repairs. The ground wire may be connected to the light box as well as the switch box if they are metal. How to Install an Electrical Outlet from Scratch. The 2nd outlet in the run is a regular 20A outlet. Our photo at page top illustrates other wire connections shown out of the electrical box and thus is not an example of a proper electrical outlet installation. You can easily get yourself electrocuted, burned, maimed, killed, create a safety hazard and/or burn down the Ensure the electricity is completely turned off at the breaker before doing any work. What are the Electricity Requirements for Above Ground Pools? January 22, 2016 March 25, 2016 Dan Dougher This may not sound possible, but way back in the eighties I built an above ground swimming pool at a home that didn’t have electricity. You can either run this from an existing socket, or from a junction box that's connected into the cable run   Feb 25, 2018 But replacing an old, ugly or broken electrical outlet? I've wanted to move this plug closer to the corner of the room as opposed to being in the middle of it Things like roofing work, installing an electrical panel or running on  Why are some electrical outlets on the wall installed upside down? house, can you take the black wire and splice into it and install a 110 outlet? at the load center (circuit breaker box) and independently run to each outlet. If you feel a lot of resistance while pulling, the cable is probably kinked and needs to be straightened out somewhere along the run. If you drilled pilot holes that didn’t work out, patch them with a dab of spackling compound. power source at outlet with 3 way switches. If you are fixing more than one outlet, the wiring can be done in parallel or in series. This list sheds light on 10 common code problems that inspectors find: 1. Learn about installing electrical service panels: single circuit, feeder panel, and full service. Turn off the power supply before working on the electrical project. The white wires from the source, light and the outlet are all connected. Here are the step-by-step instructions on what's involved. This nifty device essentially keeps an eye on the amount of electricity coming and going through an outlet or over a circuit. com has a few project guides on performing simple electrical work. In most faceplates, there's a single screw in the middle. Typically, cable should run in a straight line, one foot above your receptacles. Glad he was in a good mood Middle-of-Run Outlet 11 Adding to the Insteon Hub 17 Software-Only Features Beep on Button Press 19 Turn off power to your outlet at the electrical service panel. DIY a Built-in Extension Outlet I've received a couple of emails asking how we converted a wall outlet into an extension outlet for our TV room sofa table . Electrical Options For Garbage Disposal Install. I think the best option is simply not to run power to the middle of the room. I wired the outlet Extending a branch circuit in a room to add an additional outlet is a better option than using electric extension cords. The same goes here as the unswitched circuit earlier if you have or are adding additional outlets to this type of circuit. In order to install an electrical outlet and circuit from scratch you need a roll of 14-2 or 12-2 Romex® cable (depending on how much load you need from the outlet) and either a new work So, I want to add a receptacle in the bathroom (I tend to run out of batteries on my phone while crapping at the end of the day). Strip the outer insulation from the cable 9. This why you need 9 inches of wire. When considering the adding an electrical outlet in the middle of a run, the wiring itself is the most important factor. Turn off the power at the circuit-breaker box. The Parts Guide lists what you need to do the project. If your outlet is in the middle of your circuit (meaning, other outlets or  A do-it-yourself can wire an outlet himself, so long as the electrical box is Adding a new outlet requires running a cable between the outlet location and the home's electrical panel. Adding subpanel to garage shop, need input on power setup « on: January 31, 2013, 01:00 AM » So, I finally broke down and will be getting more adequate power to my garage instead of the makeshift plugs and extension cords coming from the laundry room of the house. The problem is when the power comes to the switch, and then from the switch to the light outlet (or lights), and only on a 2-wire cable. The GFCI outlet will cause the pump to shut off and the electricity in the line to shut off in the event that there's a short in the pump. You can use an electrical outlet when: If a switch or outlet is on a circuit that often blows its breaker or fuse, don’t make matters worse by adding yet another outlet to the circuit. Step 1: Turn the. The start of the run has a GFCI outlet with the proper line/load connections. Wiring a light switch in the middle of a circuit is necessary if there is more than one receptacle on the circuit but the light in question is not at the end. Distributing power outlets evenly throughout a space can open up rooms and make new spaces much more friendly. Read the steps listed below and learn about how to add an electrical outlet to a room. Where my wiring set up differs is that I have 3 sets of romex coming in to the only outlet in the room that is controlled by the wall switch. Feb 3, 2012 Our Fastmac USB outlet just has one neutral wire terminal. I was mid-project doing this and realized I had 2 white wires and 2 black wires and only   Jun 16, 2014 What does it take to install an exterior outlet, and how much does it cost? Home : Solution Center : How Much Does It Cost to Install an Outdoor Outlet? time, it would be so much easier if your house had an outside electrical outlet. while extreme care has been implemented in the preparation of this self-help document, the author and/or providers of this document assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions, nor is any liability assumed from the use of the information, contained in this document, by the author and / or provider. from the edge of the sink. Adding an electrical outlet next to an existing light switch is easy, as long as there is a neutral wire in the box. Electrical Outlet Addition Cost. The electrical codes in your area may be different than in my area. How to Add an Electrical Outlet to a Wall. Pull cable into electrical box; tighten cable clamp 10. These are heavy-duty data cables that enable the latest features of TVs, stereo equipment, computers, game consoles, phones, security systems—even Internet-based remote control of house systems like heating and lighting. It just happens to be wired on the same run as our light. While you’re in the planning stages for your new home, have the electrician run empty conduits into the attic from the service box. Install an electrical box for each outlet you want to add. If it is in the middle or Run your wire there to the new bay and then up to the new outlet location. Feed the wire through the back of the outlet box, insert the box in the wall, and mount it in place. How many outlets can I wire off of one outlet? and then pull it into an electrical box in order to add an outlet. You can find them here. Cut the hole for the outlet box before you run the cable, but don't install the box until you pull the cable through that hole. This setup is just like a three-way switched light, except the black wire from the common terminal of the second switch and the accompanying neutral wire run to the receptacle outlet. Installing an additional electrical outlet is not particularly difficult and is, in fact, an excellent do-it-yourselfer project. The only thing that will slow you down is if you run into a light switch or an outlet. If you are adding a circuit to a room with unfinished framing, drill 5/8-inch holes through wall studs, and pass the cable through the holes. Don’t forget the ground. That is certainly one option, but you can also physically extend the outlet, without cutting a long hole in the paint, plaster, and drywall. Install a waterproof gasket onto the electrical box, secure the outlet inside the box and install the cover. This project is should not be attempted unless you are very knowledgeable and careful about electricity, home wiring practices and the National Electrical Code. If you've ever twisted extension cords from an indoor outlet to your yard, these outdoor electricity tips are for you. You On Monday I showed you how easy it is to install the Flow Wall panels. The kit supplies a knot and extra wire for this; Attach the wires to the new USB electrical outlet. In short, GFCI outlets help protect you from electrical shocks that can occur around water. Wiring a ceiling fan in middle of run, outlet at end of run [ 5 Answers ] I am wiring a bedroom ceiling fan and just needed someone to help me figure out part of the wiring I'm not sure about. You may also need a hammer & chisel if you will be notching studs or joists. This project guide will show you the step-by-step process of how to add an outdoor outlet on the siding-clad exterior wall of your home using an indoor outlet for power. The cost to Install an Electrical Outlet starts at $209 - $253 per outlet, but can vary significantly with site conditions and options. But if you wanna get crazy, allow us to suggest the one, the only Bonito Power and Data Desk Outlet. Step 1: Turn the power supply off to the light switch at the main electrical panel. Homedepot. This problem has come up numerous times through the years. How to Run Electrical Wire for an Outlet or Light Switch Running electrical wire behind a wall is a great way to add an additional outlet or light switch in your home. But, that’s easily remedied by cutting a hole in the material. Arrangements are included to use an existing receptacle circuit or lights and switch circuits as the source for a new wall outlet. Mastered in a Minute: Splicing a new receptacle in the middle of a run is simple. Clean Up. But before you head out shopping for a new one, know what to ask for and how to connect everything safely. Don't forget when working on electrical circuits to shut off the power at the source. In the simplest configuration, this is what you could wire: Instructions: Check your local building and electrical codes before you begin. How to Install Electrical Outlets in the Kitchen | The Family Handyman  Find out how to add an electrical outlet to a room in this article from HowStuffWorks. Aug 19, 2014 Plug in lamps closer to the middle of large living rooms. Like most electrical projects, the cost to install your new electrical outlet will largely depend on the electrician’s costs per hour. Jul 24, 2019 Kitchen islands and peninsulas have their own unique electrical code If a window is where an outlet needs to be, then installing an outlet that pops than cords running from the side of the island, to the middle of the island. Rather than running an extension With the number of electrical devices that we have in our homes today, it's more than likely that you don't have enough outlets. besides carving out the slab to install conduit is to run a good quality extension It uses a flat ribbon cable for electric, and then they cover that with a piece  Apr 3, 1988 Installing an outdoor electrical outlet yourself is no more difficult than added in the middle of a circuit, wire it as for the indoor receptacle shown in the illustration. Cut hole for new outlet box in baseboard or wall 6. On average a professional will charge around $200 to install or replace an electrical outlet. 2-Wire (no ground) Electrical Outlet Wiring How to wire an electrical plug outlet or wall plug when no ground wire is present or how to add a grounding conductor. Nov 5, 2018 The second method of wiring a mid-run receptacle is to connect the receptacle to the circuit . You have a pre-existing run of romex wire and you want to pop a new outlet into. Install and Wire a GFCI or GFI. While a standard electrical upgrade essentially maintains the value of your home, adding structured wiring can increase it. I love the arcitects that place a sink in the middle of a 8 ft counter that has an 11 inch overhang running the entire length of the pass thru IE: no walls. Wrap the wire from the middle, not the tip. If you're replacing old cable, you can often twist the ends of new and old wires together, wrap them with electrical tape, and pull the old cable out of the wall until the new cable appears. POST a QUESTION or READ FAQs about how to install and wire electrical outlets or receptacles in buildings. Home Electrical Wiring panel 3 way 4 way basic fan light dangers safety Wiring Done Right Adding an Outlet: Outlet plugs with each half run by separate The closest outlet is to the right of the dishwasher. If you keep your cuts below the level of the baseboard, you won't have to patch anything when you are done. The other problem is that the place is pretty big and my living room area is right in the middle of a big cement floor with no outlets in it and no walls close by. Carpentry work will be required if the path of the new outlet wire needs to run through wall studs or between floor and baseboard areas. These boxes aren’t always available at home centers, but you can find them at electrical supply stores. Question – How To Add a Receptacle to an Existing Circuit: Q: Presently I have two lights on a switch, and I want to add an outlet so that the outlet is live, even when the switch is off. In this instance, let’s assume there is a light and a switch in the circuit. If you have a newer electrical service, the rooms served by different circuit breakers should be listed or coded on the inside of the breaker panel box. Still, homeowners can take on their own wiring, though electrical inspectors may cringe when they visit. However, you may discover you need an additional outlet or have to use cumbersome and unsafe extension cords. Adding a new electrical outlet to an existing run is a straightforward process. If you are using a metal electrical box, the bare copper ground wire should be run under the ground screw in the electrical box before it goes to the receptacle terminal. Run cable between electrical boxes, as laid out in your circuit plan. Consult your local Building Department (look in the "local government" section of your phone book) before making your own major electrical changes. One of the cables is used to feed power and the other is run to the device that needs the power. Today, in this first of a two-part series on wiring a wall-mounted flat panel TV, we’re going to tie into an existing electrical outlet and run new electrical wire and TV cables up through the How do I add an outdoor GFCI to an existing middle of the run receptacle? - Answered by a verified Electrician We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. on either side of the grounding wire in the middle of the casing. I live in Texas but don't know the electrical codes. Wrong size, A. Most cases you would run a black / white / bare wire cable, enter the existing outlet's electrical box, make sure after you strip away the outer wire cable jacket that you have a min. Living room is great, except there's only power outlets on the walls. Add a new electrical outlet quickly and easily without tearing open a wall. If the user is unable to perform electrical work themselves, a qualified electrician should be consulted. will then protect all outlets further along the run. Secure cable to framing members using cable staples. install electrical, fix concrete, and re-lay the carpet. How to wire an electrical outlet wiring diagram ,Wiring an electrical outlet / receptacle is quite an easy job. How to Add an Outlet to a Light Switch Inside the switch box, you'll find a cable that comes in from power, one that goes out to the fixture controlled by the switch and the new cable for the outlet you're adding. Turn the power on at the circuit-breaker box and test both the interior and exterior outlets. So if you had a middle -of-run wired outlet (pictured to the right in image above),  Check out my post on how to install new electrical outlets! Every time we go into Home Depot Kevin runs up to these (the USB outlets) and points out . Mar 26, 2016 Adding an electrical outlet next to an existing light switch is easy, as long as there is a neutral wire in the box. Minimally, you will need a fish tape, electrical tape, a drywall saw, and a stud finder. So if you had a middle-of-run wired outlet (pictured to the right in image above), you’re going to have to combine the two wires into one. Turn off power in that section find a stud in middle of way ,then 18" above floor make a clean cut in dry wall (one side of cut must be against the stud) . 130(C). com) Installing an outlet in the yard will not only add the convenience of quick access to electricity, but help eliminate the need for dragging those cumbersome Adding a New Outlet To add a new outlet run a new cable between the existing outlet and the new outlet. I want to add an outlet in the middle of a run in the garage. Remember that it is always the best practice to hire a professional to do most electrical work, but the following demonstration will guide you step by step through one of the easiest installations that can be done. The procedure we show here allowed us to center our TV against a wall in the family room that had How to Wire an Outlet- Run the new cable and wire both boxes. com) There may come a time when you find it necessary to have electricity available in a place where there is no existing electrical outlet. Apr 17, 2012 In the first video on running electrical wire and cable through the wall, we ran Adding an Electrical Outlet: TV Hook-up (Part 2) - Step 1 . A set number of electrical outlets are installed when your house is built. Changing or adding electrical to your home may require a permit. Installing a Poke-Through Electrical Floor Outlet  Aug 20, 2018 Adding an electrical outlet in the middle of a run is possible if you have basic electrical wiring knowledge and a few tools. Get fair costs for your SPECIFIC . Wiring for a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) depends on where it falls in the circuit and whether you want it to protect the other outlets. The best spot for that trench will be underneath a flooring strip that runs perpendicular from the nearest wall to the spot where your island will be. Plan for the Future. A circuit is one large loop with power going out to the various outlets, lights, and other fixtures through the hot wire and returning to the source through the neutral wire. Extending a wall electrical outlet is not the same as simply plugging a power strip or a multi-outlet unit into an existing plug. This is even easier than tapping into a main floor outlet. I start by running 14-2G cable into the other receptacle box (the one that does not have the extension cord feeding power into it) and fastening the cable to the underside of the workbench. Add Electrical Outlet Home Electrical Wiring Electrical Outlets Add A Room Bottle Wall Wall Outlets Drywall Tv Walls Outdoor Power Equipment The problem is when the power comes to the switch, and then from the switch to the light outlet (or lights), and only on a 2-wire cable. Our photo (left) shows the black or "hot" wire connected to the brass-colored screw on an electrical receptacle. I was told that you can't run AC cords through walls because it could possibly cause a fire. This page contains diagrams to add a new electrical outlet to an existing circuit. The video response, article and wiring diagrams outlining how you can accomplish adding a receptacle to an existing circuit follow below. (Image: electric outlet image by Dawn Williams from Fotolia. F. Safely run electricity overhead or underground to a storage shed for use as a workshop. This outlet, built into the face of the table, allows us to utilize the electrical outlet that is behind the couch - without having to move the couch out of the way. For example, in an unfinished basement or attic, you can see the romex, know the complete circuit and that it would be safe to add an outlet for future convenience. You can't run a 15-amp line to a receptacle. I would like to continue an electrical circuit by adding another outlet and a light switch and light, and I have run into a problem. The G. I have a single power source, and want to run it to switch #1 which powers one light, then continue the power source to switch #2 which will power one light and then power an outlet after the light. You can add a new outlet using the power from an existing one. But if you're running extension cords through partially open Of course, if you've never done electrical work before, installing an outside outlet for holiday lighting sounds extremely complicated. (There may also be a third cable if the power source is splitting at this point). At the main circuit panel, shut off the power to Drill destination hole in floor. adding an electrical outlet in the middle of a run

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